Monday, February 10, 2014

Now that's a BIG Dog!

Have ya noticed how freakishly big those PDK Druid dogs are? Please disregard the lame damage numbers on the screen, but pay close attention to the size of that dog! I sometimes find it difficult seeing what is happening in the game, no matter how far I zoom in or out.  The picture was during an EE Von 3 last night. Is this guy ready for EE? No, but it was fun anyway. We had some good folks in there and we played as a tem, so it went pretty smooth.  It’s interesting to read some of the DDO forum posts about gimps and N00bs during EE content, but I would go in a slightly different direction, in saying if someone has a good solid party that can play as a team, you can get through the content fairly easily.

Another example was an EE What Goes Up I was on recently (last Iconic life). Good people; yes, we had some problems, but it was EE for God’s sake… it’s expected. Team work will get you through difficult content. Not everyone has to be super uber to make up a good party. In fact, if everyone is
super uber, it usually doesn’t end up being a party of folks working together at all, more like a group of individuals each soloing whatever they can. Challenge yourself, do something that is too difficult for you, but surround yourself with some good players, and you’ll learn better, and have more fun.