Friday, February 7, 2014

Journey to the Demon Wastes

It has been a couple weeks since the last article has been written by the Ravenguard Press. A lot has happened, and I feel it is time to let our readers know what has been keeping us occupied. Two weeks ago, I was approached by one of Professor Marithenthal’s assistants, you’ll probably remember the good professor as one of the foremost authorities on Demonic studies; he was interviewed a couple months back when word of a Demonic plague resurfaced in the Demon Wastes.

Associate Professor Miller, one of Professor Marithenthal’s assistants contacted our office late one night a couple weeks ago. He informed me that the professor wanted to extend me an offer (not much of an offer, more of an insistence) to catch up with him on an expedition to explore the possibility of the plagues reemergence.  The professor was already on the Easter edge of the wastes, making his way to a region known as the Maze of Shattered Souls. I agreed to join Miller, and become an embedded reporter of sorts. Early the next morning, Professor Miller met me in the Harbor district where he had commissioned transportation for the trip.

The expedition was much more than the 5 or so I had expected; there were at least 30 or 40 porters, along with another 60 or 70 representatives of the Bladmarks, and various members of the Silver Flame church. I also noticed a few adventuring groups that signed on as scouts. Altogether, there were 3 ships with approximately 150 souls, packed to the rails with people, equipment, and supplies.

The route we planned was to head north to Khorvair, stopping off at Zilargo to pick up a couple University research historians (and some personal artifacts from the Speakers Guild), take a wide arch to avoid the waters near Droaam, then reach our drop off point at the Hamlet of Blood Crescent to meet with the Ghaashk'kala Barbarian tribes. Although the Ghaashk'kala’s are known to be strongly against visitors to the Wastes, I understand some special bargain had been struck to grant us passage through their lands.

At this point in our journey, we left Zilargo two days past, and are making our way North Westerly. While at Zilargo, I made some special preparations to be able to relate this journey to you as quickly as possible. I am deeply concerned about the number of people on this expedition; from my understanding, there are four others already in various stages of travels. This threat must be real if so many resources are being spent to investigate. Will this threat reach the rest of Khorvair, and perhaps the rest of Eberron, or is this some sort of elaborate scheme? I pray if the threat is real, that Professor Marithenthal and his various expeditions find the source, and stop the plagues from spreading.

Over the next few weeks, I will do my best to relate my travels in as timely and accurate manner as possible. You, our loyal readers have the right to know if your very lives are in jeopardy. Until then I wish you all to be safe, and in good health.