Monday, February 10, 2014

Journey to the Demon Wastes - Part 2

This, being our third week traveling to the Demon Wastes has been the most eventful so far. Shortly after leaving Zilargo, the trail ship was accosted by what looked to be hundreds of the nasty sea creatures known as Sahuagin. The ship was lagging behind after a shipworm problem was fixed in
Zilargo by applying some copper sheathing to the hull. The ship became overly laden, and simply could not keep up with the others. Apparently, shortly before dawn, the Sahuagin took note of this and started scaling the vessel by the tens. Unfortunately, much of the guard contingent had been moved to other ships out of weight concern.  Before anyone could be notified and aid given, all the remaining crew members were slain, and any weapons and supplies that could be carried off were lost. The slain crewmen were given last rites, and buried at sea. Much to the horror of many, the recent activity had attracted a group of sharks, who made a mess of the sea burial.

Although the Sahuagin attack was a huge set back, the most important supplies were transported to other ships as a precaution. There was still a tremendous loss of life, which unfortunately, seems to happen all too often these days.

Two days after the Sahuagin attack, approximately 2 miles off the coast of the Dagger River and Hilt Harbor, our precession was halted by a small fleet of Brelish Warships. Each of our vessels were briefly boarded and searched. Apparently they were looking for drug smuggling operations coming in from Xen‘ Drik. Dreamlilly has been a problem in Sharn for many years, and apparently there is quite the operation afoot to cut down on trafficking. We were also warned that several warships from Droaam have been sighted heading South towards Xen’ Drik over the past few months, and to be
wary of Sahuagin, who have ventured North of their typical hunting grounds. A bit late on that one, unfortunately.  Droaam Warships… Again? Unfortunately, it seems they didn’t learn their lesson the first time. Then again, Xen’ Drik is a big place, perhaps they will stay far away from Stormreach this time.

Aside from the Sahuagin attack and Breland search for Dreamlilly, some interesting information has been relayed back to me from the main expedition in the Demon Wastes. Apparently three of professor Marithenthal’s guard contingent have gone missing, while two more have contracted a strange incurable disease. The disease seems to be attacking the optic nerves, rendering the victims blind. The professor has several very experienced Silver Flame priests with him, who for some reason have not been able to determine the cause of the affliction, nor have they been able to cure the blindness through divine healing.  This falls along the same findings of the reported plague, but the onset is different than the others. Through Speaking Stone, I suggested that perhaps it is the area they are in that keeps the magic from working, and that they may try taking the blinded people out of the Demon Wastes, and try again. I believe they may try it, if the relations with the Ghaashk'kala’s will allow for it. I suspect there will be a hefty price put on caring for the injured, if what I’ve heard is true.

The professor also said he had some very important information to share with me regarding the arrangement with the Ghaashk'kala. Unfortunately, he needed to attend to some issues with the growing concerns over the missing Blademarks. Hopefully, he will get back to me before we land and find out ourselves. Until next time, I wish all my readers and their loved ones a happy, healthy, and prosperous day.

CC Ravenguard