Friday, January 24, 2014

Blotter Report for Zarantyr 27

Below are the incidents reported to us by the City of Stormreach for Zarantyr 27. This list is only what was reported, there may be other crimes either not reported by the citizens of Stormreach, or not reported to us by the Blademarks for various reasons.

  • Two severed legs and three arms found in a trash heap behind the Rusty Nail Tavern last night. Guards say the limbs seem to be from different individuals, and all had indications of being torn from the bodies. Officials suspect wherever the rest of the bodies are, the victims are probably dead. At least 3 individuals have been reported to see a 6 foot 2 legged lizard creature darting between shadows earlier in the evening. Officials are putting together a search and capture/Kill party to capture or kill the creature. Watch Captain Pritchard said the contents of the stomach will be examined to see if this was indeed the cause of the injuries. The Watch is looking for volunteers, but are being selective. Inquire at the Marketplace for more information.
  • Three members of the Emerald Claw were detained after being spotted distributing Verilux Forgelilly to a group of Warforged near Wilks Manner. The three were not charged, and were released later that night.
  • Vandals painted anti-Coin Lord slogans on the entrance to the Water Works in protest to recent tax increases on baked goods. The police have no leads at this point, but urge the citizens of Stormreach to remain vigilant and report any crimes to the Watch.
  • Three children have been reported missing over the past week. They were all last seen near the Docks in the Harbor playing Kick - A- Thief. James Wilborn, Cacey willus, and Douglass Bentley are missing as of 3:00 PM day before yesterday. Police are actively interviewing Dock workers and the families looking for leads. A reward has been offered of 5,000 pieces of Silver for information leading to all three of their safe return.
  • Tokus Melinud has been found guilty of Murder yesterday, and has been sentenced to death by hanging. The execution will be held near the Market Tent  tomorrow afternoon at 3:00. Tokus was found guilty of Murdering a local dressmaker early last year (Stella’s Dressy Dresses). Kokus has a long history of violent crimes against women. The public is encouraged to attend and take witness to justice being served.