Monday, January 20, 2014

Blotter Report for Zarantyr 20

Below are the incidents reported to us by the City of Stormreach for Zarantyr 13. This list is only what was reported, there may be other crimes either not reported by the citizens of Stormreach, or not reported to us by the Blademarks for various reasons.

  • Julin Beclelmanger, originally of Sharn was booked on attempted second-degree murder.
  • Billy Carson of Stormreach was arrested for theft of goods.
  • Jimmy Gravelbum of Stormreach was arrested for flight from a watch guard, aggravated flight from an officer, public drunkenness, and reckless operation of an ox cart.
  • Kisslen Branches of Stormreach was booked on domestic abuse aggravated assault
  • Capshaw McCryer of Stormreach was arrested for public intimidation and retaliation, and resisting an officer.
  • Myles Finely of Stormreach was booked on simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling.
  • Stormreach fire department reported two home fires last evening, according to officials.
  • A stabbing reported on in early morning hours is under investigation
  • Watch Officers are on the lookout for a suspect in the theft of Ox cart wheels
  • Officials responded to several disputes regarding line jumpers for the Ice Games
  • Watch officials are seeking the public’s help in locating a person they say is impersonating a Watch Officer.
  • A retired Watch Officer is standing trial on a murder charge this week in the stabbing death of his girlfriend’s estranged husband.
  • A man was found dead this morning after becoming trapped by a fence that collapsed on top of him.