Friday, January 24, 2014

Disturbing interview with Shorlong of The Dark Creed

CC: How did you come up with the name The Dark Creed? The name implies some sort of ties to The Dark Six, or perhaps Cult of the Dragon Below? Perhaps you could shed some light <eh...hem..> no pun intended, on the subject?

Shorlong: The Dark Creed, a name that, thousands of years ago, struck fear into the hearts of many. Know this, we live by the creed, we die by the Creed. It is not of your concern to know where the name originates. Just know that one day, you will be a member, however unwilling you seem.

CC: I see… Perhaps we can get back to that a bit later. My next question deals with your adventures here in Stormreach. With all of your time spent on Xen ‘drik, what have been some of your more notable accomplishments; ones that you are willing to share, and that won’t get me detained by the Stormreach Guard for knowing, that is.

Shorlong: Hah...accomplishments. You foolish people put so much pride in your trophies, in your rewards. My biggest accomplishment, you ask? Having the strength to not slaughter you all where you stand. Granted, I may need you one day, as my armies will need fodder. But, I digress, you want to know my biggest accomplishment? Fooling the Gatekeepers into thinking that I will help them deal with this Lolth...when I plan to destroy them all anyway once she's gone for good!

CC: Ha.. Those Gate Keepers… Silly folks with big sticks, grunting and groaning all the time about this thing, or that. You seem to have a pretty clear vision of what the future holds for us all. A bit grim, but clear. Would you mind providing some insight on your view of the philosophy of mutual cooperation? I'm sure you've had to cooperate with others at some point or another in order to accomplish some of your goals…

Shorlong: Yes, yes I have. You see, with my goal of world domi...uh...unity, I have had to work with others to ensure that I am victorious. When the giant Sor'Jek became a lich, for example, I cooperated with my trusty followers, watched as they marched in front of me, and even got a little giddy when they fell. It was all the sweeter when my love, Sarahsa, cooperated with me in killing that wretched giant before he was able enact the same plan I ha....I mean, his evil plans.....cooperation is important in any sche- er, plans.

CC: You use some very interesting, if not creative tactics to destroy your enemies. There have been rumors of a re-emergence of the Traveler, one of the more popular of the Dark Six, have you heard anything of such rumors?

Shorlong: I have no dealings with the Dark Six, let alone that mischievous shapeshifting tourist. If the Traveler does decide to show his faces anytime soon, we will, at least, get to test the magic we stole from the Flame that held the Spinner in place. A collection of deities, on display in my kingdom of marvelous!

CC: Very interesting and imaginative, thank you for sharing. Perhaps you might be willing to tell me what Stormreach, or perhaps Eberron itself might look like, in the event you would be made supreme ruler?

Shorlong: "It would be glorious indeed! I intend to remake this world in my image. All of the planes will be forever locked, as I have those who have knowledge of the gatekeepers in my ranks. No devil invasions, no more madness, and the Dal Quor will be all but forgotten. Man, dwarf, halfling, elf, orc and warforged alike will be freed from the prisons of their gods. No more shall you feel burdened by the rules put forth by your masters. There shall be only one god, me! Those who choose not to worship will be added to my army of the dead. Once Eberron is conquered, we shall march on Faerûn. That old man, Elminster, may have trusted me once, but I will make him rue that day. Once Faerûn is conquered, we shall seize control of the Demonweb, and see what other rifts we can open, and ALL of the realms will fall under my power.

There could be a special place for you, by the way, in my world. Every leader needs a good publicist."      

CC: There are some very powerful forces that might try to stop you… Elminster, the armies of Faerun, Eberron, the Gods themselves… How would you hope to defeat them? Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt of your immense power and wealth, but you have to admit, this would be a huge undertaking…

Shorlong: “The armies of Eberron and Faerun are slowly turning, and I have armies of my own. Elminster is a fool. He may be powerful, but he has a weakness I do not...he cares about people, and he is not willing to sacrifice that which I am, and have...

The Gods of both worlds are nothing to me. I have faced them down before, and I can do it again. And once I ascend.....well, let's just say, they will bow and worship me. I am freeing the peoples of the lands from the Gods they worship, the rules that bind them. The Gods will have no power anymore.”    

CC: Would you not be swapping servitude from a group of Gods to yourself? Where is the freedom of the people, if they are only to give up the gods they love, and are forced to bend their allegiances to you?

Shorlong: Are you questioning my vision?      

CC: No, god no, I’m only trying to understand better. It only seems one would be swapped out for the other, but I guess that’s what makes it appealing to you. I… uh… suppose it would be for the betterment of all… heh.. ummm… one last question for you before I have to run and hide,... err, um, attend to other commitments.

If one were to want to become affiliated with your guild, how would you suggest they go about doing that, and what qualities are you looking for? 

Shorlong: Well, they can start by contacting myself or one of my officers. Gorgnak, Helainia, Cevon, Topeako, Sarahsa, Aruken, Alfraed. Any of those. We look for those who share our vision, and also those who are helpful and kind to those needing assistance and teaching. Afterall, we are doing this for the betterment of all races and peoples.

The interview with Shorlong was interesting, and very uncomfortable at times. I often thought he was going to reach across the table and slit my throat. During the interview Shorlong would grin at some of his answers, while at the same time, he would glare at me, piercing deep into my soul. It was very evident he felt a deep malice and hatred towards me. I have felt unsettled many times in my life, but I must say that Shorlong ‘s belief that he will dominate the world and beyond, coupled with his overwhelming malevolent presence, is by far one of the most terrifying experiences I've had.