Monday, January 20, 2014

Blotter Report for Zarantyr 13

Below are the incidents reported to us by the City of Stormreach for Zarantyr 13. This list is only what was reported, there may be other crimes either not reported by the citizens of Stormreach, or not reported to us by the Blademarks for various reasons.

  • Robbery - Male Halfling with blond ponytail, brown tunic, and green boots wanted for questioning regarding a home robbery. 
  • Arson – Julian Judas arrested on suspicion of arson after he was seen fleeing from the scene of a 3 alarm fire in the harbor late last night. 
  • Assault and Battery - Kincel Hazzelblatt was arrested early this morning for domestic assault. He will be held in protective custody for the remainder of the day until his half-orc wife can be calmed down.
  • Robbery – Arnhold Shwartz-andegzer was arrested last night after trying to assault an officer of the watch with the severed limb of an unidentified animal.
  • Assault – Finious Beeltebum, Johnas Ketcher, Wyland Beecherblak, and horrus battletoes were all arrested last night for causing a brawn in the rusty nail. Sixteen people are being cared for by house ghallanda healers, and are in reported to be in fair condition. 
  • Unlawful Spellcasting – Jerinius Kavel was cited for causing disturbances in the Harbor district, after several residents complained of loud sounds and bright lights. 
  • Domestic disturbance – Jonus Middletos was charged with beating his mother.
  • Disturbance – Three calls regarding the alleged sighting of a six foot two legged lizard running through the Harbor District. Nothing was found.
  • Public intoxication after hours – Several citations were given for public intoxication in the pre-dawn hours.