Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ships from Talenta Plains Quarantined

Breaking news… Cargo ships have been spotted a mile outside the main docks in the Harbor; their entry seems to be blocked by Harbor patrol vessels that have taken up a defensive posture. Cardle Sandytoes, a local merchant facilitator, was seen arguing with the Harbor Master; it cannot be confirmed, but reports from witnesses say the Harbor Master used the word quarantine several times during the heated discussion.

Cardle Sandytoes, a Merchant Facilitator recently arriving from The Talenta Plains, is known to deal in exotic cargo; several days ago, he arrived with three officials from the Gistanding Tribe, known for breeding strange creatures used by the various Halfling tribes in the Talenta Plains. Since their arrival, no one has seen or heard from them, not until this morning when the harbor was put on alert.

Cardle was approached shortly after being seen discussing matters with harbor officials, he declined to comment on what the commotion was about. He only stated how unfair the Harbor Master was being, and  his business deal was in jeopardy. The Harbor Master would not comment to the specific nature of the conversation, only that dealing with these Halflings was a dire mistake.

Several fishing vessels have been diverted from their normal routes to keep them at a distance from the three cargo vessels. One fisherman, by the name of Hargle Fatbottom, reported hearing strange “mewing” sounds coming from one of the ships. “it was like a cross between a house cat and a cow; sort of a meooooroar sound.” The fisherman went on to say “There is no freaking way I’m going out there again, not until whatever is in those ships is taken back to wherever in Khyber it came from!”

As the story develops and more information is uncovered, the Ravenguard Press will let our readers know what’s behind the secret of the quarantined ships. If there is danger afloat in those boats, the citizens of Stormreach should know about it, and be assured they are in no danger.

CC Ravenguard