Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Killer hits the streets of Stormreach

STORMREACH - Caronna Fletcher, a renowned seamstress in the section of Stormreach known as the Harbor, was found savagely murdered this morning. One of her frequent patrons discovered her body shortly after dawn. “I always come early to beat the crowds”, they said. The patron, who chooses to remain anonymous, has been going to Caronna’s Colorful Creations for years. “She has some of the best made clothing in all of Stormreach."

C3, as the shop is affectionately called by many residents, has been proudly serving the residents of Stormreach for the past 30 years. Caronna Fletcher, daughter to Veronnda Fletcher took up the trade shortly after her mothers passing ten years ago.

Details of the grisly  murder are being withheld at this time. The Stormreach Guard has been quoted as saying “If anyone has information regarding the murder of Caronna Fletcher, they are strongly encouraged to come forward”

Private services will be held in a non-disclosed location

CC Ravenguard