Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Necromancer Threatens Korthos

According to eye witnesses, a Necromancer, by the name of Margenthou Andrioch, known by locals as “The Dead Body Man”, has threatened to unleash terrible strife on a coastal community on the southern tip of Korthos island. This threat came immediately following a decision by town leaders and local church officials, to institute a town cremation policy.

Korthos has been home to several hundred fishermen, boat builders, and other marine tradesman for the past several hundred years.

Town’s people can’t recall exactly when Andrioch started appearing in the local cemetery. “He seemed to appear out of no where”, said Viggie Storr, The Mayor of Korthos, “We Once mistook him for a mourner.” Shaking his head in disbelief, “We came to understand mourning was the furthest thing from his mind”

One villager, who wishes to remain anonymous, recounted a frightening visit from his recently deceased wife. “I was on my way back from the docs, when my heart almost stopped beating; what I saw was horrifying. My dear Elaneire, who had recently died while giving birth to our son, was staggering down the path towards the docs. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I thought I was going crazy from grief.” The grief stricken man gathered himself, and then continued. “I ran up to embrace her, thinking that the gods had listened to my prayers and returned my beloved wife to the land of the living. What happened next, I will never forget… As I reached forward to embrace her, I was overcome by the vilest smell I had ever known; the rot and decay of human flesh. The abomination that was once my Elaneire, paid no attention to me, but continued down the path; I stared in horror as she disappeared around the bend.”

“To date”, said Mr. Storr, Mayor of Korthos “Over twenty of the walking dead have been reported seen in and around the outskirts of the cemetery. We’ve asked Heyton for assistance; we’ve been assured that help is on its way. The town’s people have faith the Wizard will send aid, but have doubts that it will arrive in time. If their fears hold true, then all may be lost”

Although many of the town’s people are horror stricken over the recent events, they refuse to leave the area. “I would rather die than leave my home”, said one local woman, “This land has been in my family for hundreds of years. Heyton will save us, you’ll see”

Not all citizens are as confident in the oddball wizard to deliver them from this evil. “Why hasn’t help arrived yet?” asked one man, “It’s been over a month since we’ve been told help is on the way”.
As the story continues to develop, The Ravenguard Press will be here, as always, to report the facts as they avail themselves.

By: CC Ravenguard