Thursday, December 19, 2013

Scholars Reported Missing – Reward Offered

STORMREACH - Graendithas Alerteyes & Elmorn Graveltoes, visiting scholars from Korranberg, were reported missing yesterday after not appearing for an important event at the Lordsmarch Plaza.

Alerteyes and Graveltoes were investigating the authenticity of two ancient scrolls recently recovered from  the Ruins of Threnal. They were last seen touring the Hall of the Mark a day earlier.

The scholars are reputed experts in various arcane matters dealing with ancient artifacts. The recently recovered scrolls were said to hold clues of the locations of two of the four powerful weapons used by the giants of Xen ‘Drik in the fight against the quori. The four weapons, known collectively as the Destiny Arms, have been long lost, and until recently, forgotten.

University officials have stated that both scrolls are secured in the vaults of the Lordsmarch Bank, where they will stay until the scholars are found.

If anyone has seen these Scholars, there has been a reward of 10,000 pieces of Platinum for information leading to their safe return.