Thursday, December 19, 2013

Demonic Plague Returns

NEWS FROM SHARN – The Ravenguard Press, in collaboration with other Khorvaire new sources, has received disturbing news of reports speaking of devastating epidemics sweeping across the south central region of the Demon Wastes.  Although these reports have not yet been substantiated, several independent organizations have already expressed an urgency to investigate the reports.

Bishop Velleunal of Thrane, a visiting scholar of The Church of the Silver Flame, has been researching Demonology and extra-planer beings at Korranberg University for the past few months. According to Bishop Velleunal, this isn’t the first time in recent Khorvaire history that something like this has happened in the Wastes. “Entire tribes were wiped out shortly before The Last War began”, he recounted to one reporter. “If I recall correctly, it was the work of one of the various Demon Lords who called on his dark powers, infecting several areas with a very similar sounding plague.” Although admittedly not an expert in the field, the Bishop has noted that if the reports are true, then we may have a very serious problem indeed. The Bishop referred any further questions to Khornwell Marithenthal, chief of Demon Studies at Korranberg University.

We caught up with Professor Marithenthal right before he was scheduled to depart with one of the research groups. Although some of his descriptions may be a bit graphic, we feel it’s important to detail the events of history no matter how horrid they might be.

Professor Marithenthal has been studying and teaching Demonology for the past 40 years in Korranberg University, and is considered one of the foremost knowledgeable experts on the subject.
We asked the Professor if there are any similarities between the recorded events of more than 100 years ago, and those recently reported. “The plague you are referring to was very similar to what is being reported now”, he said “The Galikitak Orc tribe was completely and utterly decimated. There wasn’t one man, woman, or child that was spared. The Augenkuk and Gilkunvul tribes suffered devastating losses as well, but were spared the fate of the Galikitaks.” Before the plague was ended, tens of thousands of Orcs and Humans were wiped off the face of Eberron.”

When we asked Professor Marithenthal about the effects of the previous plague, and if there were any known cures, here’s what he said “During the first stages of infection”, Marithenthal said, “The plague attacks the victims’ neurological function. Second stage involves massive cysts erupting on the hands, feet, and face. These cysts slowly multiply and join, until they cover every inch of the victim’s body. During the third and most disturbing phase of the affliction, bony growths jut out from the victim’s shoulders and knees” He paused a moment, then continued “The final phase involves progressive stages of insanity, and then finally death”, he continued by saying, “There were no known cases where a victim survived, and to date, there isn’t a known cure. Not even divine magic is able to cure the disease.” He apologized for not having more time to answer questions, but did refer us to his assistant for more details.

We’ll be following several of these expeditions very closely over the next few weeks as they uncover more information about these reports of a new plague in the Demon Wastes. You can be sure that we’ll keep you, our readers, informed of new developments as they are reported; and if we, here is Stormreach are somehow at risk, you’ll hear it from us first.