Thursday, December 19, 2013

Necromancer no longer a threat thanks to Heyton

STORMREACH - Success has been reported in the Korthos coastal community infested by the walking dead. In much anticipated display of cooperation between the city of Stormreach and Korthos, a taskforce of adventurers and the Wizard Heyton has successfully rid the town of the undead infestation.

The town had recently been under siege by a rogue Necromancer who was robbing the graves of the town, attempting to create his own undead army. There has been no reason to believe that the Necromancer was working with any other groups; he was believed to be acting alone.

The heroes, dubbed by the citizens of Korthos as their saviors, have been quoted as saying they wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this difficult task, without the support of the town’s people of Korthos, and especially the support and resources provided by the two towns.

Our newest group of heroes didn’t have time to celebrate their victory, however, as they were whisked off for yet another set of urgent missions.

In these troubled times, it’s good to see that there are still leaders of powerful communities that are willing put aside their differences and band together to help rid Eberron of the evil that plagues it. Viggie Storr himself has been officially quoted as saying “If you happen across this band of heroes, let them know how much you appreciate what they are doing for you and the rest of humanity. They are true heroes indeed.”

Arch Bishop Velleunal of The Silver Flame, has expressed his gratitude to the heroes for eliminating the threat. He was quoted as saying “It is the duty of every believer of the Silver Flame to abolish evil whenever the opportunity presents itself, and that’s exactly what Heyton has done.”

Heyton was not available to answer question or for comments on the ordeal. The Ravenguard Press, however, was able to speak with one high ranking member of the group responsible for eliminating the Necromancer threat. Mallen Drivin, formerly of Sharn took up arms against the horde of undead. “The operation was an enormous success, due in no small part by the powerful magic that Heyton possesses.” He went on to say, “The man possesses more power than one man ought to possess – not that I’m complaining or anything; he did rid us of the threat. But… there was something about him during the final moments of the fight that were a bit disturbing. I can’t put my finger on it, exactly, but there seemed to be a moment where I thought he was going to turn his magic on the living instead.”

The oddball Wizard has been responsible for saving the Village on more than one occasion; most recently, he led a successful mission to rid the island of the clutches of an evil White Dragon. As we found out then, that while we believed the Dragon was acting on it’s own, there may be other evil forces controlling, and often manipulating things to seem different from actual truth. Things aren’t always what they seem; perhaps the man we know and adore has some hidden secrets. For all out sakes, I hope Mallen is not as perceptive as he thinks.

For now, the story seems to have come to a close. Rest assured, the Ravenguard Press will be keeping an eye on things, and will get to the story, if one exists, that is.

CC Ravenguard