Friday, December 20, 2013

Interview with Darlao, Order of the Silver Dragons

CC: How did you come up with the name Order of the Silver Dragons? Do you have Dragons in your ranks, or perhaps you serve the Silver Dragons? I’ve known people to be knocked over by one of the emissaries flying into the Marketplace from Argonnessen; a Silver Dragon I believe… Any relation?

Darlao: Well first may I thank you as well for showing interest in our Guild and finally shining a light on those like ours that do so much good in the world.

As to your questions, I will deal with the simplest - I am not aware of any relation of the Marketplace Dragon to our guild in any form.....we specifically disavow any relation especially for any injury claims that may be caused by this mysterious summoning (damn lawyers made me say that).

Our guild name arises from our mystical protector, Silverrar. He has been our protector from the beginning of time, an agent of good who has blessed our ranks before every great battle and has provided our leaders with a guiding vision at the turn of every age. We do not know much of his history or origin, so he well may be a dragon in human form guiding us in the passage of the draconic prophecy. It is said in our oral history that he has hinted at draconic lineage in some long past visions. Some past leaders have also surmised that he may have been part of 'The Chamber' and has been tasked with guiding a select few mortals in bringing about the draconic prophecy, but no one knows for sure.

CC: Well, I’m happy you are not affiliated with that troublesome Dragon in the Marketplace, such a dreadful thing to step on the innocent folks of Stormreach like that. You seem to have a very interesting background, and one deeply steeped in Draconic Prophecy; how has the prophecy influenced  the actions of the guild, and do you see yourselves as carrying out prophecy, or merely instruments for those who do?

Darlao: First to clarify, we are not a religious order. We are still at the core a band of adventurers seeking to rid the world of evil in its many forms. But, we have over time come to believe that each being on this world is an instrument of the prophecy - even the dragons who hold the deepest secrets of the prophecy are merely its tools. As an Order we hold a common belief that our every act should be made with the highest regard for the common good. As for influencing our actions, the guidance we receive is sparse and mainly only comes in the form of the blessings we receive from Silverrar. In that way we are not so much guided but aided in the endeavours that are more or less linked to the prophecy.

Other acts of good and righteousness that are not blessed by Silverrar are still important to our members and we hope the fine citizens of Stormreach. Be it something as simple as putting down a minor crime lord or as grand as stopping a deranged mindflayer from making abominations of all the peoples of Stormreach.

CC: I have heard of many of your exploits, and must admit, I am very impressed. If you could pick out one or two of the Order of the Silver Dragons’s most notable accomplishments, what would you say they were, and how do you think they have affected the well being of the Stormreach citizenry?

Darlao: Hmm, many of our greatest deeds have saved the world so to speak but they have not had a direct impact on the common citizens of Stormreach beyond the fact that the world around them hadn't collapsed. I guess they would have noticed, and eventually stopped haggling over the price of a package of bat guano, but I think the one deed, well set of deeds, that most impacted them was the closing of the various portals that the Devils of Shavarath attempted to erect in the very heart of the city. It began with a simple attack on the barracks, then a plucky young procurer went missing, following up on that we uncovered a plot to open a portal in the center of the marketplace. We eventually closed that portal before the full might of Shavarath could spew forth. Shortly thereafter we were tasked with closing two more portals that had been detected under the city. Three times we went into the underbelly of the city, the so called Subterrane. First to scout and find the portals. Then twice more to close the portals which were protected by some of the most powerful devils and horrors you have ever seen. Many of our Order perished in the process but we did come out victorious and gathered no small amount of acclaim. In fact, I believe those were the deeds that resulted in our Order's inclusion in the 'Founders' shrine in the harbor.

I still bear scars from those harrowing days, not just of the body but also the mind and the soul. There are days when I think it would have been best if I had fallen with my comrades..........but that is not my fate.

CC: Those are some notable accomplishments, Indeed. I cannot imagine the horrors you and your companions encountered; but, I for one, am eternally grateful for the sacrifice you, and others such as yourself have undergone for all of us. Have you given any thought to what you will do after your days of adventure are over? Will you seek refuge in the solace of obscurity, or perhaps you plan on perishing in a great battle?

Darlao: As much as I and my Order are intertwined with the Draconic Prophecy I honestly say I don't look to the future that much. I look to root out evil where ever the seed may land and I can see no other future. If pressed to state a preference in how I am to pass on...glorious battle or quiet solitude then I would have to say that I could not bear listening to the quiet screams of my dying friends repeat themselves in my head forever and a day....I could not go quietly into the night, no that is not my choice. To die in the heat of battle, surrounded by my brethren, the flames of hell licking at my boots and a froth of fury in my heart.....and please no rancid tiefling arrow in my gut but may it be a great cleaving blow from the death throes of a once mighty beast. That would be my choice......Glory in Life, Glory in Death.

CC: A noble leader; living as one might expect a true hero would. As I’m sure none of us ever want to see one such as yourself fall in battle, it could be said to be an inevitable consequence for the life you lead, and dear price paid for all of us to lead the oblivious lives we lead. You have told us of your guild, some of your glorious exploits, and I think our readers will have a good understanding of what the Order of the Silver Dragons is all about.

One last question for you… What do you think sets your guild apart from all the others; and what advice could you give to someone who may be interested in becoming affiliated with your organization?

Darlao: Service - we are about service to higher ideals, to the greater good, to our fellow man. We put others before ourselves at almost any cost. We work to make each other better, stronger, faster and more capable so that we may meet the coming storm head on and prevail. A person lacking in those ideals should not strive to join our ranks, but those who do would be welcomed into our fold with open arms and brimming hearts.

CC: I truly thank you for your time, and it was an absolute pleasure speaking with you, and learning more about the Order of the Silver Dragons.

For those who have not had the pleasure of meeting or speaking with Darlo, of the Order of the Silver Dragons, you are missing out on a fascinating and often exhilarating experience. He gives off the appearance of a weather beaten, gruff, veteran of many battles, but by speaking to him, you get the sense of a deep and sorrowful past haunted by his memories of the deaths of his comrades; a man who has a purpose, and a passion life, one of someone who truly believes in the Draconic Prophecies and the positive outcome that will result. At the end of our interview, Darlo ordered both of us a drink, we toasted the prophecy, and good fortune to all. We drank, he slammed down the glass, got up and walked toward the tavern door. Before he left, I noticed he absently checked the hilt of his Khopesh to make sure it was clear in the scabbard, then casually left.

CC Ragenguard