Monday, December 23, 2013

Interview with Akree, Curelite Bottling Co.

CC: How did you come up with the name Curelite Bottling Company? It seems fascinating to me that so many other Guilds have names like demon slayers, hunters of the dead, and the such, and yet you decided to forego the blustering and bragging to come to a seemingly innocuous names as Curelite Bottling Company. I’m sure our readers would be very interested in finding this out as well.

Akree: Well, that was what my Grandfather's grandfather's grandfather chose way back when. While some men strive for glory, honor, riches, or fame, Old grandpappy Icemaachine rolled up his sleeves and went to work with a passion. He strove to create the perfect blend of magic and herbs, blended with the finest ingredients from all around Xendrik to make the bottles we produce today. He gathered some of the people he knew from all around to help, each lending a bit of their expertise to craft such an exquisite brew.

We'd like to think of ourselves as THE bottling distributor of choice. While there are no shortage of adventurers, there IS a notable shortage of fine beverages available to keep them going.

Care for a drink?

CC: I thought you would never ask! <Gulp… Ahhh!> That was great! You really do have a talent for for this! The taste is amazing; did I detect a slight hint of Aundarian Mint? 

Akree: We never share the secrets of the brew, but suffice it to say that it has some pretty exotic ingredients. Please, have a case on us for taking the time to interview Curelite.

Kree waves to a slim man standing in the back who nods and disappears through a door, then returns carrying a wooden case about the size of a large book.

Akree: You see, here we have our newest brew, which we have purified and distilled down into such a concentrated elixir that we can fit them inside of bottles no larger than a flask. We're thinking of calling them "fun sized" and using them as samples at the next festivult. How else may I be of service to the Ravensgard Press today?

CC: Akree, you are truly a class act, and very passionate about your bottling business; thank you very much for the case, with all the threats I’ve been getting, they may come in handy. With everything that’s happening these days, I’m sure your business will continue to thrive. If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you a few questions about some of Curelite Bottling Co’s adventuring exploits. I’m sure our readers are well versed in your guild’s more notable accomplishments, but if you could tell us a few accomplishments and deeds that you believe are critically important, that may not have made headlines?

Akree: Hmmm. accomplishments you say?
Well... How about the time we went into the subterrane, just 3 of us, mind you, all the way down to to fight the great devil invasion brewing in the depths? That was a good fight, I will tell you. Suulomades himself was there, and we sent him as well as his hordes screaming back into the abyss.

Or there was the time we defeated the great goddess Lolth herself deep in the demonweb.. There were 6 of us that time, just Curelite against the queen of spiders. Oh, right.. There was this other girl too, Anna something.. She ended up taking down the goddess with a blast of magic somehow, but our help was instrumental in the destruction of the Drow goddess' evil schemes. Elminster himself even rewarded us. Not that he did much else, mind you other than prattle on about this and that.. Fetch me this, go fight that... You get the idea.

How about the time we saved Cannith from being overrun by the Lord of Blades? or Defeated Toven in a magical showdown?
Saved the graveyard from a Spectral Dragon a time or two, ran with the pirates and herded kobolds in the crystal cove, and our latest..

Sending the truthful one back to the realm of the dead. Again. Funny thing that one.. You never quite get used to a dracolich staring you in the face when you see it. Now mind you, we've fought before. But this time it was led by one of our officers as a first time, and with the help of a few other random adventurers, we managed to take the beast out and saved the populace here from quite the evil prophecy.

We've heard rumors of things brewing in the distance, cities of undead dwarves, places where even heroes fear to tread, but we are not afraid. These things too shall be taken care of in their due time with the might of our arms and our wits.

CC: That is an amazing portfolio of accomplishments! I applaud you and your guild members for such an impressive array of gallantry. The citizenry of Stormreach are fortunate to have heroes such as yourselves to watch over them… Fortunate indeed. 

This brings up a topic that I’m sure everyone of our readers who are starved for adventure want to know… How does one become affiliated with an organization such as yours, and what qualities would you look for in an adventurer trying to make a name in Stormreach?

Akree: Well, most of our good crew came from random groups. If I find an individual that is not affiliated and they do well enough in group I will try and recruit them if time allows. Each of our long term associates are officers who are also able to recruit as they see fit. From time to time I read the latest postings in the town square looking for people that might be a good fit.

What we typically strive for is a friendly atmosphere of cooperation. People looking to become a member should have a sense of humor, and be able to conduct themselves in public without causing consumer relations issues for our guild. We leave each member up to themselves to uphold their own sense of morality. It only becomes necessary to act when their actions cause the guild as a whole to appear in an unfavorable light. Fortunately, we are a great group of people who I would put my back against in a bad fight any day. Some of our members are new, some have been around for a long time. Some are solitary and just use the guild in a casual manner to say hello and to use the guild’s retained services and artifact benefits. Some go out of their way to help anyone who asks for it.

CC: I want to thank you for a wonderful time; for sharing views, philosophy, and your many exploits that helped save countless lives. And, one can never forget the delectable flavor of your wonderful brew. I will enjoy the gift you have so graciously, and generously given. Along with myself, and all the Ravenguard Press readers, I wish you good health, and a prosperous life for you and all your guild members.

Akree: Best of luck on your journeys. May you always end the day with a smile, and thank you for taking the time to interview us.

Note: The interview with Akree was an absolute pleasure to have. He has a very interesting story to tell, and absolutely delicious product to experience. I had a difficult time deciding whether his guild was primarily a Bottling Company who enjoyed saving the world, or a band of adventuring companions who enjoyed brewing. If I had to take a guess, I’d probably say they were a little of one, and a lot of the other; picking which one they want, depending on what made them happy at the time. One thing is for sure, they have an interesting background, and have done a lot to keep Stormreach, and all of Eberron safe from the clutches of sinister forces.

CC Ravenguard