Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vital Shipment Lost By The Twelve

In an urgent announcement yesterday, an official from Stormreach has reported a shipment of spell components stolen. The shipment, which was being transported from a recent expedition in the Demon Wastes, to The Wizard’s Conclave in The Twelve, is thought to have been stolen by a ruthless band of raiders known as Demons Mercy.

The components, the result of a year long expedition, are reported to contain priceless and dangerous materials used in creating powerful magic. Designed to protect large settlements against demonic invasion and possession, the shipment was considered very valuable.

Yohnathan Goldveign, a longtime supporter of the Ravenguard Press, was chosen to lead a counsel of Mages to further assess the seriousness of the matter, and to come up with a plan to retrieve the stolen materials.

The Arch Wizard and Historian from The Twelve, was part of an unusual collaboration between the two institutions to research a new safeguard against demonic possession. “No one can fathom the horrors the expedition had to endure in order to collect these components”, Goldveign told Ravenguard reporters in a closed press conference.

He further commented, “If these materials fall into the wrong hands, the devastation will be unfathomable.” When questioned about the nature of the components, the Arch Wizard would only say, “To protect against demonic possession, one would need the essence of what is to be protected against.”

“It’s amazing to me that the Blademarks weren’t even considered for this mission.” said Arioch Devenbrak, a well known scholar who was openly critical of The twelve for its hasty selection of mercenaries to safeguard the shipment to it’s conclave. “With something as important as this, there should be no expense spared, and no danger left unconsidered.” He also said “Traveling by land in an area where marauders are known to patrol is simply irresponsible.”

Several mercenary groups have stepped forward to volunteer their services to the Mages Counsel. Among the mercenary groups is the famous Demon Slayers of Vinux, who made a name for themselves in recent years as Demon Hunters. This band of six mercenaries have reportedly hunted and destroyed some of the most notorious demon lords of the wastes. They were also originally contracted by The Twelve to attain some of the more “difficult to collect” components.

These events mark the 2nd anniversary of the bone chilling chronicles sent by Havenblat Rudikgns of the horrific atrocities committed by the Demons Mercy. Rudikgns began sending reports from the Demon Wastes detailing the horrific accounts of murder and mass demonic possession, after being allowed to observe, by the leader of the raiders himself.

The Twelve has released some of the horrific details of his travels, but has not yet released the entire report of what they referred to as “Havenblat’s horrors.”

Officials of The Twelve have agreed to provide the Chronicle exclusive rights to some of Havenblat’s writings as well as coverage of the ongoing investigation. No further details are being released at this time so as not to damage the current investigation.

By CC Ravenguard