Thursday, January 2, 2014

Defeating the Necromancer - Kevlamin journal entry

The defeat of the Necromancer terrorizing Korthos was a welcome piece of news these past couple weeks. The Ravenguard Press has received some journal entries from a couple of the adventurers who took part in that mission. These journal entries are not complete, but do give some insight as to what happened those fearful days when Korthos village was under siege by the undead.

These Journal entries are from Kevlamin and Felixx; not much is known of these adventurers, only that they were instrumental in purging the village of the undead threat.

Excerpt from Kevlamin’s Journals…

… Our contact from the church has been delayed for unknown reasons. After waiting patiently we have decided that the situation in Korthos is desperate and requires immediate action. The five of us, Felixx, Caruvial, Kevlamin, Thondran, and Aerdrick planned a 24 hour stakeout at the graveyard and hoped to gather more information. We set out on our mission after Thondran left a note with Jensen telling Von Spear to meet us at the graveyard if he should arrive.

Once at the graveyard we climbed to the top of the Ir'Droversons tomb (after many failed attempts to get a good grapple) where our 24 hour stakeout was to take place. We chose posts then we sat and watched....and watched...and watched...and watched...and watched.....and watched....... and watched.......and watched.......till the druid had to go to the bathroom.

While urinating on the Ir'Droverson burial ground the five of us became spooked at the sight of some dirt being thrown all over the place from off in the distance. We prepared ourselves for a stakeout and battle, we sat waiting for our time and hard work to pay off, and we sat waiting for the enemy to finally show his evil face, we prepared ourselves for what was going to be a great battle with an abominable master of undead… That’s when IT came into our view.......a cute little cuddly furry raccoon was foraging around the graves and was the culprit for our unease. We went back to our posts....

Loud grumbling, groans, and moans became heard at night off in the distance. Being obvious that it was a group of undead we decided to get their attention since we were on a roof and they couldn't get to us. We threw a sun rod down to the ground and yelled for their attention. They came to us and we fought them back with spells and ranged weapons till they ran away. The group came back later hurling rocks at us but we defeated them. Searching through their bodies revealed a triangle shaped object, the item we were looking for!

Inserting the triangle into the lock was more difficult than we thought it would be because the triangle kept changing colors. Luckily Felixx and Thondran were able to figure this thing out. Then they figured out the buttons as well. We entered the tomb, found a secret door that we had to climb down where we got attacked by a pair of whites who drained some of felix’s life force. We decided to flee back to town but on the way we discovered a buried defunct warforged…