Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Interview with Glane Silvermane & Katzklaw, Unbroken Chain

CC:  How did you come up with the name Unbroken Chain? Does it symbolize anything in particular; perhaps origins of being enslaved, or perhaps something more?

Glane Silvermane: Greeting, Salutations, and well met. Twas a ways back really, when everyone was coming to the land, we didn't always call ourselves Unbroken Chain, we first started out as Links, it was a good idea tall ya the truth, I kinda liked it, and it was a whole family thing see, we all came up with the idea after a little heavy drinking and some brainstorming, if you can call it a storming brain after some heavy drinking that is. Anyway, yah that was a long time ago, and the idea was simple enough, each of us is a link that makes up the guild, we are all interconnected, each link doing it's part so that task can be done, like a chain, and a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

Now, before you go and ponder if that was some idea of being exclusive, it wasn't. It was about working as a team, and a team only works if each person helps the other, we pick up the slack, fill weaknesses and that kind of thing, back then, oh, the fights we had, where we struggled to carve out a victory, it was insane, but we all went at it with the same idea, we were a unity, links in the chain, so we started off with a simple enough mentality, that it was not about being the best, or being something great, it was about doing the best you can with what you had, helping the guy next to you, and having them help you, and together, we will get it done.

I was not always the guild leader either see, it was a trinity that founded the guild, the dubious honor of Leader was given to me brother at the outset, and then later passed to me when he moved on to other things in life, when I took over the guild, I renamed it to Unbroken Chain, as we stand unbroken, we stand together, for each other, and truth be told, I know everyone in my guild, I know them personally, and some for many years, and I stand by these bunch of loons.

Well, I suckered the wife into taking the Title after a while, but I tell ya the truth, there were times when I myself, had to leave the realms, to take care of other worldly matters, and I knew in my heart that the members we had would steer the course sound, after one such departure, we came back to a new leader once, great guy, loved him to death too, he took the reins when we was gone, did right by us all, and then gladly handed them back to us when we returned, can't ask for more then that when you trust your mates.

So Unbroken Chain, what does it mean now days, well, it means we stand united, for each other lifting each other up, and working as a unity, that is what Unbroken chain is about, when we can, as we can, we are there for each other, helping, lifting, supporting, some days it may not be much, some days, it's great, but we try to be there, never ripping down, always building each other up, I guess, after the years go by, people that build you up, make you feel better about yourself, and try to help you when they can, is really all you can ask for, and that is what we sought to build with this guild, a place people can call home"

CC: Thank you for sharing that very detailed account of the origins of your guild name, and a not so brief history. If you could pick a couple things out of your guild’s impressive background that you were most proud of, what would they be? 

Glane Silvermane: Wow, what a question that one. I have got to admit I am stumped by that, but, I would say, if I had to pick anything to be proud of, I would say, For me, personally, and this is just me here, I would say one of things I am most proud of myself for, is during the rise of the guilds, when the powers that be decided to change the world around us, and make guilds carry banners and portals, and fly in mighty air ships, it was grand really, but, among that there was strife too, lots of infighting among the guilds around us, and we had a belief that our members, no matter what, where a part of us, and I would say, standing by that mantra, that our people mattered not the rank of the guild, is something I am very happy with, that in the wake of wanting to run a race up the pillar of power and thus gander respect, I did not lose myself along the way, these are my friends, I have fought countless battles with them by my side, many fights, and much victory, I was not about to lose a single one of them for a floating tug boat.

CC: Keeping your family of friends and comrades together during a time of chaos and uncertainty, is a notable accomplishment, indeed. If find it fascinating that many other guilds would mention the slaying of dragons, or thwarting doomsday plots as their most notable deeds, but yours is of family and comradery; amazing, and noteworthy in and of itself. With the rise of the guilds nearly a thing of the past, what do you see looming on the forefront of Stormreach as being cause for concern?  

Glane Silvermane: Wow.. and here I thought you had already asked the hard questions. Well, Humm well you know.. That's a grand question, and I think, that.. I need more ale.. and that questions like that.. Umm.. need to deferred to the other sometimes guild leader.

At this point in the interview Glane sat back and seemed to wait for a moment before a slightly tanned elf with a long white braid and a fine bow slung over her shoulder came up behind him and placed her hands on his shoulders, gazing down fondly at him.

Katzklaw: Please forgive my interruption, good sir, but I was nearby and overheard your question to my husband… and his response. Thanks a lot, hun… I am Katzklaw, and I am the co-founder and other ‘sometimesleader’ Glane just mentioned. Biggest cause for concern, hmm? Hmmmm...

Oddly enough, I think the biggest cause for concern is boredom. Over the years the adventurers of this land have faced numerous threats: giants and dragons, devils and demons, power-hungry psychopaths trying to become gods, and even the gods themselves, but though we’ve journeyed far and wide, even to the planes and a whole ‘nother world, we’ve not yet found a new big challenge, some new evil bent on conquering, in quite some time.

See, Glane and I are old souls… older than the years on our face let on. We find our fun in going to chat with ol’ Kruz every once in awhile and going to see the whole world again with a fresh set of eyes, but not everyone is so entertained. One can only turn in the bounties on kobold tails and devil claws so many times before it starts to get boring. Some people do daring things for the thrill… facing a demon prince alone, running through a giant’s halls without their armor on, but even that has its limits. I’m afraid that all the old strong adventurers who know how to swing a sword or sling a spell will hang up their blade or staff and retire. Who then will stand to defend if some new evil rears its head?”

CC: Katzklaw, it is a pleasure to meet you, and I appreciate and welcome another leader of the guild in this interview. I think it’s important to the readers to understand the guild atmosphere, and you certainly provide a value to that. 

An answer with a question… an interesting one at that… Have you ever known a Kobold that wasn’t attracted to shiny things? Much the same as the grizzled old adventurers that hang up their swords to pursue another trade; if another foe worthy of their attention emerges, you can bet they’ll show up to meet that threat, as it is in their nature. Much as the Kobold cannot resist the shiny trinket, the Adventurer cannot pass up the opportunity to rise up to meet whatever challenge threatens to destroy the land they have sacrificed so much to defend. 

There are yet many adventurers out there lost, and alone with little to no guidance; the only advice they do receive, is by other adventurers they happen across in the wilds of Xen 'drik. what advice would you give to them, if they were thinking about hanging up their adventuring gear before they really got started? And, if someone were to be interested in becoming affiliated with your organization, what advice would you give to them? 

Glane Silvermane: Never cease to have fun with what you are doing… Life, every facet of it, especially that moment right before a grand battle, should be a thrill, something we thirst for, enjoy, and look forward to, never let tedium take you in this world, and there will be many, a great many that will want to scrutinize the value of life by seconds and minutes spent doing this and that, and thrust that view upon others, but, I say this, do not let that happen to you, never cease to find a joy in each adventure.

And, to be honest, if you want to be a part of this guild, run with us, the only thing better than standing beside people you want to cheer in victory with, are the people you can laugh at defeat with, come, let us laugh at death together, and surely nothing will be able to stop us!

CC: Never a truer set of words spoken. I truly appreciate the time you and Katzklaw have taken to speak with me; I wish you continued prosperity and success in your adventures. Please give my regards to the rest of your guild mates.

Katzklaw: Thank you. I wish you the same

Note: The time I spent with Glane and Katzklaw was an amazing experience. They have a different philosophy than many others I have spoke to in the past; it might just be my perception, but they seem value the camaraderie and experience of the battle rather than the spoils of war. They both have an agelessness in their eyes; almost as though they have experienced so much in life that they have a profoundly deep understanding of the nature of things. True wisdom is wrought through experience, and between the two of them, I think they have a pretty good understanding. Strong ties hold friends together, and from what i can tell, if this group is anything like their leaders, then they are a strong chain indeed.