The Korranberg Chronicle, a famous publication based out of Zilargo, has gone through several years of financial hardships, and was forced to sell off several of its subsidiaries. The decision to sell one of its more “radical” investigative reporting units called “The Press”, was an easy one, as they had come under some extreme scrutiny after a series of reports on the alleged plot to dislodge the Silver Flame’s influence in Breland, by the King’s closest advisors. King Boranel ir'Wynarn was personally responsible for having the lead reporter for The Press, who operates under the pen name of CC Ravenguard, forcefully escorted to the front gates of Sharn, and not so eloquently asked to never return to the city, or for that matter, the nation of Breland under pain of death. 
Hearing of the Chronicle’s financial hardships, Mr. Ravenguard offered to buy out the disgraced affiliate. After a couple hours of negotiations, Mr. Ravenguard secured the affiliate and a contract with House Orion for distribution for a meager undisclosed sum. This agreement was under the condition that he changes the name of the affiliate, so as not to show any affiliation to the Chronicle, or any of their past dealings.

Not being one to be dissuaded from the hard stories, CC decided to take his newspaper to the far shores of the continent of Xen’ Drik, where he would set up shop in the City of Stormreach. He had heard fantastic stories of adventure, chaos, corruption, intrigue, and the most evil plots imaginable. Yes, this was going to be his new place of operation, a place he would feel at home amidst the “den of thieves” and denizens political corruptions. Here he would cause much trouble, and make many a coin; a home truly deserving such a fine reporter such as himself.